Where did this idea come from?

This project all started when I was asked to present a Pecha Kucha as part of the launch of the Waitemata Local Board Annual plan last year.

I did a story about my vision for a city that processed as much organic waste as possible on-site, and then used the finished compost to grow food. I called it “one less rubbish truck”, hence the name of this blog. I think it wasn’t too bad for my first ever go at a Pecha Kucha.

The idea came from the work I do around minimising organic waste, and helping people to process it on-site. I also touched on my experience as an urban gardener and talked out why I think more people should be gardening generally… I think we all should be gardening, and we all should be eating as much food as we can grow ourselves.

The reality is that in an urban environment, traditional composting and gardening systems are difficult, and urban environments (and lifestyles) make gardens of any description more difficult to achieve. I also think that although we are obsessed with food, the effort that goes into producing it is undervalued in our society, and especially the people that are growing it.

I think though if we look at the problem through a different lens, and throw away some of our preconceptions about how we deal organic waste, we can start to devise different and better solutions.

The key here is challenging the status quo, and asking ourselves, is there a better way… That’s ultimately what this blog is about.