About this blog


Hi, I’m Ben and I live in Halston Road, Auckland, Aotearoa with my family. I’ve set up this project to promote composting in my street. We’re really lucky on our street – most people have a backyard and the soil is really good for gardening. Over half of people in the street already have gardens and make great compost. This project is about celebrating composting in our own backyards, and growing good food. I hope that over time we can help anyone that wants to compost find out how to do it, and if they’re doing it already, encourage them to do a better job.

I come from a long line of gardeners, I remember both my grandmothers had amazing gardens, and my mum and dad always had a big garden as well. I hope that when my boys grow up they appreciate a fresh green salad they’ve grown themselves as much as I do. I have to confess that I’m also a bit obsessed by gardening and composting (not Lego like my boys!). I guess it’s kind of in my blood.


As a result of my obsession with compost and how to make lots of it, I designed hungry bin, which is a high efficiency worm compost system. This blog’s not just about hungry bin though, it’s about all the different ways people chose to compost. The more people that compost, the less rubbish trucks there are on our roads. Less rubbish trucks, better environment.

My goal in this project is to make composting a lot more visible in our street, and hopefully we can get a few people to start as well. Maybe we can encourage some other people to start similar projects in their own street, and before you know it, we’ll have a revolution!

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