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I feel very lucky to live on Halston Road. When Nicola and I moved to Balmoral after both living for years in Grey Lynn, we both felt a bit apprehensive about moving away from our community and into what felt like the suburbs. When we moved in, our landlord told us that it was a great street and ideal for us because it was so close to the school.

“When you have kids, they’ll be able to go to school up the road.”

We thought that was hilarious, we hadn’t even talked about having kids (it was probably a given though) and certainly didn’t think we’d be in the same house if we did. Nearly twelve years later, we’re still here, and the kids walk to the school up the road…


We live in a small comfortable house, but with a large garden. The soil here is amazing, and brilliant for gardening, which I really appreciate. Because a lot of people in the area have large gardens and have planted a variety of plants, our bees make the best honey.

Halston Road, and the area, has a lot to offer. It is close to some excellent restaurants, a short ride to town on the bus, and many great people live in the hood. We’ve become part of a local ‘village’ that’s really important to us and our children.

Halston road street party

The street has a strong sense of community, firstly lots of friendly people happen to live here, but also due to it’s aspect and layout, which make it an easy street to get to know people.

A lot of people in the street walk in the area, so over they years you say hi a few times, and it’s not long before you’ve had a conversation. The children in the street help create a lot of connections and friendships too, they seem to be constantly trooping from one house to another. That and the fact that everyone can walk up to the school, so there is a lot of coming and going on foot.

The children help create a lot of connections and friendships too, they are constantly trooping from one house to another.

By some strange fluke, we also have had a number of people working in sustainability living in the street, which also helped build connections, because these folks have actively gone about creating a sense of community.


The result has been a street that has a real sense of connection. We’ve had street parties on Neighbours Day; we have a walking school bus for the younger kids; and one of the best things, a street Facebook page called Superhood, started by Kent – one of our neighbours. The Facebook page is a fantastic way for everyone to keep in touch, share information, and ‘put names to faces’.

I’ve always felt that sustainability should start at home, and in the community around you. There are already a lot of neat things going on in Halston Road, and plenty of people ‘doing the right thing’. It’s one of the best places I can think of to start a project like this.


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